5 ways to grow your business with ShelfX

5 ways to grow your business with ShelfX

An award-winning automated merchandising and inventory management system from the USA, ShelfX solves your immediate manpower issue, and helps your business scale without worrying about frontline manpower.


vending machine cluster


Serve more customers with a self-service Grab & Go section

Got a long line of customers during peak hours? Why not prepare your best sellers in advance and let your customers grab and go? Of course those who require a customised order can still join the main queue. Which means you may soon need fewer counter staff!


Stay open 24/7 without frontline

With a Grab & Go section facing the outside of your outlet, you can continue to sell even when your outlet is “closed”!

Since the food can be prepared during kitchen downtown, this allows you to optimise resources.


Open new sales channels with automated kiosks

Instead of opening up a new outlet, why not start a network of automated kiosks supported by your central kitchen or nearest outlet?

With each strategically located kiosk, you can serve a new pool of of customers within its radius.


Automate inventory management and reporting

With intelligent shelves that know what’s on them, ShelfX features a cloud based software ecosystem that lets you know what you’ve sold when, what stocks are left and how much space is available live at any time via your mobile phone, laptop or desktop. What’s more, insightful data analytics is as simple as pushing a button.


Franchise your F&B brand with white-labelled automated kiosks

Got a successful F&B brand? Now it’s easier than ever to franchise it since new franchisees would not face the usual labour issues.